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Payment Options

There are two different payment options for patients of Sacred Health Family Chiropractic: Insurance or Cash Payment.

We ask that you read through the following in detail and select the option that best suits you. Non-Insurance chiropractic care with us is straightforward and generally allows us to give you better care at a discounted rate.


If you choose to go through insurance, please bring your insurance card and drivers license with you to your appointment. We will use these to verify your insurance coverage and gather the information necessary to secure your potential insurance coverage specific to Sacred Health Family Chiropractic.

Your insurance coverage will then be reviewed and explained to you in GREAT detail during your follow up appointment along with how your insurance coverage influences your chiropractic care at Sacred Health Family Chiropractic.

Until we have completed your insurance verification process, you will be required to pay for your care. Once all insurance information has been gathered and your insurance coverage has been verified, any payments you have made will be applied to your co-payment, co-insurance, deductible, or uncovered services. This could result in a credit. Coverage will then be confirmed upon the review of your Explanation of Benefits, once they are received. If you have 100% coverage, payments will be refunded.

There may be guidelines, limitations, and restrictions on insurance you may be unaware of.

Most health policies are designed and intended to only take care of acute conditions deemed ‘medically necessary‘. Insurance will only cover a painful, neuromuscular skeletal condition caused by subluxations that prevent your daily living activities.

Cash Payment

The majority of our patients choose this option because it is the simplest and easiest route, therefore these patients typically achieve better results.

At Sacred Health Family Chiropractic, your health is a concern for us. Therefore we have great investment savings plans for not only just an individual but for the ENTIRE family! Most patients use their Health Savings Account, Flex Spending, Account or their own personal funds for our savings plans.

Sacred Health Family Chiropractic offers:

  • Pay Per Visit
  • Investment Savings Plans
  • Affordable Monthly Payment Plans