Acupuncture treatment assists in bringing an individualized and whole body wellness approach to men, women, and children looking for a complete package to managing health conditions and long-term vitality. Creating a healthy life is a process that includes, but is not limited to: acupuncture and Traditional Chinese modalities, essential oils, dietary therapy and supplementation, yoga recommendations, meditation, and lifestyle modifications. The power of the body to be well and healthy within itself is a real, tangible, and powerful thing.

Services Include:

Acupuncture • Cupping • Dry Needling • Electro-Acupuncture • Dietary & Supplemental Recommendations
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Acupuncture is a great benefit to patients looking to enhance their mental, physical, and spiritual health with whole body techniques to prevent injury, sickness, & toxic overload while creating a healthy life. Treatments support patients in their own process of health and healing, helping them create the full and healthy life they desire.

Acupuncture can help with:

Treatment of Sciatica
Low Back Pain & Sciatica
Joint Motion
Limited Range of Motion
Relief of painful feet and hands
Neuropathy & Chronic Pain
Athletic Performance
Sports Injury Musculoskeletal Orthopedic Pain
Relief from Headaches Neck Back Pain
Headaches Migraines
Neck & Muscle Tension
Mental Health
Mood Balance & Stress Management Insomnia
Relief from Nausea Vomiting
Digestive Dysfunction
Relief from Allergies
Healthy Pregnancy
Women’s Health
Enhanced Immunity
General Health & Wellness

What to expect at your first appointment:

The 1st appointment is approximately 75 minutes, including a comprehensive initial intake and assessment (a discussion about your health history & presenting symptoms), discussion of wellness goals, and your first acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture points related to your pattern diagnosis & areas of imbalance will be selected and prescribed with the intention to balance and harmonize your body. As your body shifts towards homeostasis (natural balance), you will find positive shifts and improvement in your main complaint and presenting symptoms.

You will lie on a comfortable heated massage table and will rest for approximately 20-40 minutes with the needles in place and then the needles are removed. Feel welcome to come in comfortable, loose clothing, but generally it doesn’t matter. Plan to eat something light 1-2 hours prior. Do not consume alcohol before your appointment. Expect to feel very relaxed and calm after your session.

Treatment Protocol:

The number of treatments needed is individualized to each patient based on the nature of presenting symptoms, objectives of treatment, and wellness goals. Some conditions may be treated within only a few sessions, whereas others might take several months to fully alleviate and/or treat. Combining your treatments with dietary and lifestyle modifications as recommended will make your course of treatments even more effective.

“Creating health naturally through acupuncture, eastern philosophy, essential oils, dietary therapy and supplementation, movement, and lifestyle management are my greatest passion. I am excited and thankful for the opportunity to serve you in your journey forward creating a healthy life!”

– Kirsten Olson Peckham, L.Ac.

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