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I used to have pain in my toes on both feet. I would wake up 2 to 3 times a night with pain. After coming for treatment in two weeks the pain was gone. Now my toes don’t have any pain. I love to go walking and I never could walk very far because my toes and feet would hurt. Now I can walk without any pain. I would recommend this for anyone that has problems with neuropathy.

Twylla B.

After having a lot of foot pain and talking about it with Dr. Logan, he discussed their neuropathy program with me. I started the program I couldn’t be happier as a lot of pain has gone away and the feeling in my feet is starting to come back. I couldn’t be happier.

Mike B.

I started getting regular adjustments a few years ago due to degeneration in my neck.  I am pain-free now, I sleep better, I don’t get sinus infections a few times a year like I used to.  When I don’t feel well I come in for an adjustment.  It’s the best affordable health care a person can utilize.  Our family comes in once a month and we are not near as sick as we were when we weren’t coming in.  I really recommend all families come into Sacred Health to live a healthier life!

Lora W.

The 1st thing when you come in the door you will be greeted by Tammy. She is always smiling and asks how your day is going. Dr. Leland is my doctor. With his help I am able to keep doing the things I enjoy. He keeps me walking around. Sherri also helps with her great massages. I have seen Dr. Logan sometimes too. Both doctors are just concerned with making you feel better then when you came in. They are all so friendly and caring. They all treat you like family.


Sacred Health Chiropractic has been very helpful in the recovery from my whiplash. Following the first session, I felt relief in my back and neck. The doctors are always friendly, caring and helpful with advice to keep my back healthy. Sherry is great at loosening up tight muscles and ready with helpful stretches as well. They are a great team!

Rebecca W.

Relaxing massage, was exactly what I was is need of, definitely be back. Usually have neck pain every day and when I left my neck pain was gone and felt great.

Nikki H.

I began visiting Sacred Health after a recent car accident. The doctors and the massage therapist, Sherri, have been very helpful with explaining what’s happening to my back and the plan to help correct it. The first day I walked out with the ability to again move my neck the full range of motion. It was a great feeling!

R. W.

Got myself into “another” fender bender back in August, LeLand and Logan have been wonderful to work with my crazy schedule and fitting me into their crazy schedules. They added a weekly massage in, which as a mom of multiple I thought was nuts but I have been diligent in taking the time to follow their instructions. Sherri does an excellent job of finding the knots that need the most work and has given great stretching advice so I can work some of those sore spots out myself in between sessions.


My son Brantley, started coming to see Dr. Leland for reoccurring ear infections.  Not only has the chiropractic care helped him with his ear infections, we have noticed so many other health improvements such as less constipation, his mood has improved and he sleeps better, waking up well-rested.

Carly M.

I always enjoy coming to Sacred Health.  Everyone is so nice and always smiling when you enter the clinic for your appointment.  Dr. Leland is always very caring, personable and easy to talk to.  He has been very helpful with ways to help heal my back and coming here keeps me walking around and enjoying life without pain.

Jeannie W.

I was able to get in to see Sherri for a massage on short notice and was so glad that I did. She worked on some problem areas, and I had marked improvement after my visit. I have my second appointment scheduled and expect to have many more.

I had headaches and aching neck pain for years.  I always thought there wasn’t much that could be done.  I have been following Dr. Leland’s treatment plan for me and I am loving the progress! I rarely have headaches and tingling and can physically feel my neck is in more alignment.  I am a true contestant that chiropractic care has many benefits!

Amanda F.

Dr. Leland is very educational and takes patient concerns into consideration at each visit. Since starting at Sacred Health I have seen great improvement and am feeling great!

Beth J.

We Love coming to Sacred Health!! I used to react to allergies so badly my neck swelled up and it became hard to breathe.  Since starting regular visits with Dr. Leland my allergies have lessened and have not had any neck issues.  Now my children and husband see Dr. Leland and are doing so much better with their health! Everyone should come here!

Ashley D.

Dr. Leland has done wonders in the past few months of seeing him. I had been experiencing very bad headaches for 8 years before coming to see Dr. Leland. I should have started sooner! After the first couple months of adjustments, the intensity of the headaches was cut in half. At the 6 month mark, the headaches are at a very minimum and the back spasms are very rare. I haven’t felt this good in years!

Anthony K.

I’ve been seeing Sherri for about 3 years and she does a GREAT JOB. She always seems to know where I need the most help. Gets everything loosened up and makes me feel so much better. She has an awesome personality. Looking forward to my next massage.

Diane K.

At Sacred Health I feel welcome and afterwards I always feel so much better after my adjustments. I also really like that Dr. Leland doesn’t just adjust you and go away, he takes the time to get to know you and he is super friendly. Thank you very much Dr. Leland!

Gracie H.

Dr. Leland is incredibly professional and treated me with respect throughout our entire process.  Being injured is always frustrating, but Dr. Leland was clear with the expectations of the recovery and was helpful along the way. I highly recommend him.

Mitchell K.

Before coming to Sacred Health I experienced throbbing leg pain after sitting for extended periods of time. I work 10-12 hour shifts at a desk and no longer have issues with sitting anymore! My kids also love coming here and fight who gets to go first for their adjustment.

Angie I.

I would HIGHLY recommend Sacred Health for YOUR chiropractic and massage therapy needs.  I was a first-timer for chiropractic care and Dr. Logan helped me understand what would be involved in my care.  I was a skeptic and he took his time to explain EVERYTHING.  My adjustments solved my issues and I currently come back for maintenance visits.  THANK YOU DR. LOGAN!

Judy F.

To whom it may concern: The treatment I received was outstanding.  They relieved my sciatic nerve problems and it has meant a life free of pain from that nerve.  Also, I appreciate the friendliness of the entire staff.  They make you feel special!

R. L.

Dr. Logan is a very kind and helpful chiropractor.  He has kept my “body in line” so I can keep enjoying golfing, walking, etc…!

Deb K.

I came here almost two years ago when I fell and injured my shoulder. I could not raise my right arm hardly at all.  Dr. Leland helped me immensely.  He has also helped my son who was having a hip problem.  I can definitely tell when I wait too long to be adjusted.  I’ve put my trust in these Doctors completely!

Christine B.

I had a pop in my neck one morning and that’s what led me to go to the chiropractor.  Before my first chiropractor appointment, I was having 3-4 headaches per week.  Since my first adjustment, I haven’t had ONE headache.

Rachel R.

I arrived that day with a sore neck and one shoulder, but she did an amazing job loosening up my muscles and even made it so I could turn my neck with ease again. I hadn’t been able to do that for about a week! Before I left she shared some helpful stretches too. I will definitely be visiting again!


My lower back was hurting to the point I couldn’t sit, stand, lay down comfortably.  Coming to the chiropractor helped get my back on track again.  Chiropractic care takes the pain away without having to take pills.  Lifting a lot and moving around easily hurts my back if I don’t keep up on chiropractic care.  I’d rather care for my back now instead of ending up with back surgery or worse!  Thanks for helping my back!

Amber N.

I should have come in here a LONG time ago!  I had a car accident in 2002 and was rear-ended by a semi. I had some treatment in the past and it helped, but I never did a comprehensive plan.  I have more mobility in my neck than ever, I am running again and am PAIN-FREE.  I have energy and I sleep better.  I brought two of our children in for ear infections and allergy issues – and it has kept me from needed antibiotics or Benadryl!  Amazing what they do here to help people!  Stick with your plan! If you do, it will work and save you a lot of headaches later.  A bonus – far cheaper to come here and treat the source of your problem versus going to a clinic where all they do is give you pain meds.

Lora W.

What makes Sacred Health Chiropractic special is their emphasis on education.  They tell you what had occurred in your body and what can be done to help.  I knew I felt bad, but I didn’t know I could feel better.  I can!

Rita L.

When I started to come in to see Dr. Logan, my lower back, shoulder, and right arm were all very uptight.  Things are all better now, but it did take some time, and I hope it keeps improving as we go along.  Thanks for all the help!

Ron H.

Before seeing Dr. Leland I just tolerated frequent headaches and other pains.   He has taught me that I don’t have to tolerate them! I love the atmosphere here and look forward to every visit!  The massage therapists are the best as well!  They work very hard to massage away my stress.  Sacred Health is a great asset to our community.

Robynne S.

When I came here I had a lot of troubles with my back, neck and ankles. Since I started here my back has been feeling a lot better and doesn’t hurt as often. My neck hasn’t been as stiff as it used to be and my ankles are a lot better!

Grace C.

I only came here because my insurance deductible was paid up. I’d only heard really good things. So why not? I had very painful issues a couple years ago. I thought I was feeling pretty good. Well, now I know what feeling good feels like. I was accustomed to my normal. Now I know I was far from it. I now have a swing in my step. Thank you so much.

Sarah S.

Had a wonderful massage with Sherri today! Sherri did a wonderful job working the areas that were bothering me and making my tight muscles feel so much better! I wish I could go once a week!

Sara O.

Neck Pain – SEVERE
Headaches – DAILY
Ibuprofen Use – 12 – 15 per DAY
Range of Motion – LIMITED
Skeptic – YES

Neck Pain – MILD
Ibuprofen Use – 2 – 4 per WEEK
Range of Motion – ALMOST OWN LIKE
Skeptic – NO

Thank you for making my neck and back feel better than it has in many years!

Kevin S.

Thorough, honest, friendly, and fast!

Kelsey H.

We have been so blessed to have found Sacred Health . I have had terrible pain in my shoulder for years which has been completely taken care of with chiropractic care. My boys have been sick so much less since they have started getting regular chiropractic care. It is so nice to have this option to keep my family healthy!

Emie F.

I appreciate Sacred Health for the way they alleviated my back pain and the pleasant atmosphere by the staff. I enjoy the massages as well. I would recommend Sacred Health to anyone.

Robert L.

Love feeling better!

Chuck S.

The staff at Sacred Health is very friendly, courteous and professional, always keeping the patient’s needs in mind. I consider Sacred Health an absolutely necessary part of my overall health and I would not be able to do my job without them. I strongly recommend their services to everyone!

Chad K.

….You definitely showed me the passion and care that you have for your patients, your job, and your business.

It is amazing how much better I feel after being adjusted. I never believed in chiropractic care, but will never doubt it again! thank you for everything you have done for me so far on my “journey” back to health. I will be forever grateful of your healing hands and kind words! You and your office staff are every part of the word AMAZING!

M. L.

I came to Sacred Health about a year ago with back pain. I was not able to sit for more that 10 minutes because the pain was so bad. After having Dr. Logan work with me for about 2 months the pain was about all gone. I am very grateful for all the work that everyone has done here. If anyone is ever in the pain that I was, I would definitely recommend them to come here.

James F.

I really like the method and/or style of treatment received from Dr. Leland at Sacred Health. It has helped me a lot and will be coming back for follow up appointments. The entire staff at Sacred Health are very helpful and friendly. Thank you again.

W. K.

In April my back was so bad I could hardly walk without crying with pain. My daughter talked me into coming to Sacred Health. Dr. Leland took x-rays and told me my back was bad with scoliosis. I started treatments 3 times a week. Slowly I began to improve. Then I broke my leg and ankle, had surgery, but Dr. Leland still kept working on my back. I now am down to 1 time per week. Little pain. I know I will never be 100%, but this is really good.

Barb L.

Before coming to Sacred Health Family Chiropractic, I had pain in my lower back and neck. Since starting treatment my pain is gone and I am sleeping better. I feel like I have a jump start to my day after a treatment. Everyone is very professional and friendly. We have had some good laughs. I always feel like I am being greeted and treated like family.

I. C.

The chiropractic care I have received has greatly improved my neck motion. I also no longer wake up at night with my hands hurting and that they have fallen asleep. Also my back no longer is painful.

Patricia Q.

Sherri is an Amazing Massage Therapist! She really listens to my concerns every time I go to see her and I look forward to my appointments! I always feel so much better when I leave my massages. Thank you Sherri and Thank you Sacred Health!

Natalie K.

I have had amazing results at Sacred Health! I recommend them to all our members. You helped me go from a 10 in pain level to a 4 in just a couple treatments

Angie J.

I had low expectations when I first started coming here, but Dr. Logan encouraged me it would take time and I’m feeling better than I have for months! :)


Very good care and very good with adjustments.

J. W.

Mason suffered from horrible acid reflux. Ever since we started at Sacred Health Chiropractic, Mason is a whole new kid. He is completely off his medicine. Dr. Logan ROCKS!!

Mason M.

I came to Sacred Health Family Chiropractic in October of 2010 after 3 weeks of constant neck and lower back pain. I am not one to usually seek out medical care and do not like taking medications. I thought that if I could just ride out the pain it would eventually clear up and I could go on with my life as before.

After my initial consultation and x-rays I began seeing Dr. Logan Brincefield twice weekly for my chiropractic care. Although the pain did not immediately clear up I did see some surprising results that I wasn’t expecting. Within the first 2 weeks the insomnia I had been suffering for months was gone and the multiple headaches I would have each week disappeared as well. Although I was still experiencing lower back pain my overall outlook began to improve.

My journey with Dr. Logan has been a long one and there have been a few lower back flare ups but I am so thankful for the care and concern that he has shown to me. I know when I come the office each week that he is genuinely concerned about my health and wellbeing. I never feel rushed when I come for my appointments and the atmosphere in the office is always pleasant. Knowing that I have a doctor who has taken the time to listen to me and to treat me accordingly is an answer to prayer. I am very grateful for all that the doctors and staff at Sacred Health Family Chiropractic have done for me and my family.

Theresa S.

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